ISKSAA fellowship


Dr. Sujit Kumar Tripathy, MS, DNB, Dip. SICOT, MCH (UK)

Associate Professor, Orthopedics

AIIMS Bhubaneswar-751019, India

I was pleased to hear that Dr. Mohit Dua and myself were awarded ISKSAA fellowship in the UK under Prof Paul Y F Lee. I landed in London and travelled to Grantham by train on 10th June 2018. Even though it was a Sunday, Prof Lee was kind enough to come to railway station to pick me up and take me to my accommodation at Progress living. Immediately after arrival we headed into his chamber for a good discussion on hip and knee arthroplasty, and also on regenerative medicine. He showed me many interesting cases. I also showed him many interesting cases that I had operated on back home in India.


There was a good exchange of ideas and skills. On Monday I went into theatre and Mr Singhania had a long list of four interesting arthroplasty cases. I observed him and learned many new techniques. Prof Lee operated on two complex hip arthroplasties and three arthroscopies on Tuesday. I could see the SPAIRE technique of THA and cementing technique of acetabulum and femur. Being an Exeter fellow, Professor Lee was master in cementing technique and his way of cementing worth watching. He did both arthroscopies without tourniquet and the visibility was also excellent.

On Wednesday I observed Mr. Tamvakopoulos who was operating a revision shoulder arthroplasty. He was quiet but quite efficient and skillful. We went to Lincoln by bus in the afternoon and visited the beautiful Lincoln Cathedral and castle. The scenic beauty of countryside while going on the top of double decker bus was magnificent. The weather was awesome.

Thursday was quite a busy day as Mr. Alun Yewlett showed us two reverse shoulder arthroplasties.His technique of isolating the axillary nerve from the quadrangular space was unique. On Friday, Mr Marudanayagam showed us a few ankle and foot cases. He showed us a MTP fusion, ankle arthroscopy for impingement and an internal bracing surgery for ankle instability. His surgical skill and acumen needs appreciation.

All in all, my stay at Grantham was very fruitful as I could meet my senior colleague from PGI, Dr. Mallikarjun HC. He has worked in this hospital for a long time. We enjoyed dinner with his family at his home on most of the days. Dr. Ashok took us to an Indian Restaurant ‘Gorkha Square’ for dinner and the food was awesome. On Saturday, we visited Woolsthorpe Manor that was the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton. We saw the apple tree, his innovations, painting on his house walls, sundials and much more. This place has enough material to inspire anyone for research and growth in life. For sometime I felt as if I was there in in the era of Newton. On the next day we had to travel to Leeds for the ISKSAA global summit 2018. Overall the fellowship was quite exciting and all the staff were cooperative. Although I have worked in the NHS before, coming to this place reminded my good old days in the UK. I learnt many things and I believe that I can apply the same skills at my own set-up back home. I would like to extend my thanks to the ISKSAA team and Prof. Lee for arranging such a beautiful trip.


Leo institute 2018